Spreading the good news

Quick one this week – I’ve been reading Dan Ariely‘s latest book, discussing the kinds of things that make us cheat or make us behave honestly.

And one thing that leaps out at me is the idea of social contagion. If all we see is other people cheating – particularly those we identify with as part of ‘our’ social group – then we cheat more. Similarly, examples of great honesty can serve to nudge us back towards the honest path.

So all I’ll do is publicise this old clip from Push Pass, demonstrating our sport at it’s best – athletic brilliance and high level competition, but not at the expense of fair play. Feel free to complain about the length of time it takes to resolve if you like – though in something as surprising as this it might not have been possible in 30 seconds, as all the other players on the pitch are confused. Just sit back and enjoy something that – in my opinion – is truly wonderful. You’ll need the audio on to make any sense of it…

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6 Responses to Spreading the good news

  1. loopy1019 says:

    To put this game in context…Semi final of final tour event….Fire (white) were down by 3 or 4 and this was close to the end of the game. A Chevron (blue) win meant winning the Tour series. We were all confused with what was going on and where the call originated from. As you can hear the spectators had a perfect view and still were confused. Fire went on to win in sudden death but then Fusion (who beat Clapham in the other semi) beat Fire in the final. Which meant Chevron won the overall season anyway.


  2. Rolls says:

    Ha, you need the audio on to appreciate the confusion/heckling from Waggle, YT, Felix, and Ham….


  3. Jesus says:

    Wow, so hard to see the drop. Really, he could have only called it on himself. Great stuff.


  4. AG says:

    indeed, at first i was really like wtf, but later on watching it over and over i saw he dropped it when rolled over his head. selfish players wouldn’t even consider saying anything about it.


  5. Nob Rauch says:

    As always, like your studied perspective. Shared the blog and link on the WFDF FB site.

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