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On Re-framing Dangerous Play

I’ve talked before about the differences between WFDF and USAU rules on dangerous play. But there are more fundamental problems common to both rulesets, and in my opinion we need to look at the whole question of dangerous play in … Continue reading

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The Logic of Playing 4 Women

There’s a default in most high-level mixed teams to play 4 men most of the time. The data in this useful article show that quite clearly. But continuing that default behaviour under the new rules would be foolish. It is … Continue reading

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On Referees, TRGs, and WUCCs

You’re probably thinking by now that I’ve said all I can possibly say about the nuances of the various officiating systems. I do tend to go on about it a bit¹. But here we go again… Is there any meaningful … Continue reading

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On Pulling for Distance

Most of us try really hard to pull as far as we can to start a point. Is that really our best option? Of course, distance is a good thing. If we can throw it deep in their endzone, then … Continue reading

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Dangerous Bids – USAU vs WFDF Rules

Charlie Eisenhood over at Ultiworld has posted just recently about his proposed solution to dangerous play, which is basically better enforcement and stricter punishments – the traditional response seen in all other sports.

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What We Stand To Lose – and How We Must Respond

Self-officiated ultimate is the cleanest invasion sport in the world. I’ve never had my shirt pulled in 20 years, playing at all levels. At WUGC this year, I saw a bit of bumping, a bit of wrapping on the mark, … Continue reading

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