On Sideline Catches

It’s time for an apparently unpopular opinion. I guess that’s one way of getting back into this after such a long time of not posting…

Claudia Tajima recently made #1 on ESPNW’s Top 10 Plays, and was rightly lauded for an extremely athletic play. It’s brilliant stuff. But was it the right play? It seems to me likely that there’s an easier way to make this catch.

The gfycat is here – I don’t think I can embed it in this article easily – but here’s a few stills:

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On Generating Spin

Reading r/ultimate this morning, there’s a question from someone struggling to generate spin on their short throws, and (so far) none of the replies has talked about the first thing I would say to a new player in this situation. So I’ll put it here (much more long-winded than I would say to a player face to face!) and find out if anyone agrees, or if I’m just out on my own on this one… Continue reading

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Dangerous Bids – USAU vs WFDF Rules

Charlie Eisenhood over at Ultiworld has posted just recently about his proposed solution to dangerous play, which is basically better enforcement and stricter punishments – the traditional response seen in all other sports. Continue reading

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What We Stand To Lose – and How We Must Respond

Self-officiated ultimate is the cleanest invasion sport in the world.

I’ve never had my shirt pulled in 20 years, playing at all levels. At WUGC this year, I saw a bit of bumping, a bit of wrapping on the mark, but in the whole tournament I probably witnessed less downfield contact than at a single corner kick in football (soccer if you must).

Take a look at this video:

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On Jacksonville and Serious Foul Play

The furore over a very dangerous bid by a Jacksonville player is very interesting. For one thing, it rather neatly emphasises (if such emphasis were ever needed) that referees do not stop appalling behaviour. We already knew that, of course… Continue reading

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On One-Handed Catches

You’re going to catch a disc that’s flying quickly past you to your right. It’s a stretch, and definitely will be one handed. Which hand are you going to use?

You might imagine that it’s simply the nearest hand; that the reason you need to be able to catch comfortably with either hand is so that you’re able to use the nearest limb to quickly reach out and grab. And perhaps sometimes that is the case – if someone throws it at you from a couple of yards away you just stick out a hand. But I’m interested in the ones where you have had the time to turn your body, such that neither hand is obviously much nearer to the disc¹. Continue reading

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