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On One-Handed Catches

You’re going to catch a disc that’s flying quickly past you to your right. It’s a stretch, and definitely will be one handed. Which hand are you going to use? You might imagine that it’s simply the nearest hand; that … Continue reading

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The Plateau and The Brain

Kyle Weisbrod’s recent Ultiworld series on skill plateaux in ultimate is very interesting. Certainly it’s true that we all experience that feeling of stagnation pretty often as we progress through our careers. And Kyle is bang on when he suggests … Continue reading

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Stop playing badly!

Why do we criticise a player? Why are we so negative about our team-mates’ mistakes? Because we’re idiots, and because we’re selfish. There is not a lot of evidence that punishing mistakes aids learning or improves performance, and much, much … Continue reading

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The ‘Honesty Guy’

A quick tip about designing drills. With all drills, you want them to be as game-like as possible, while at the same time stripping them down to practice only the things you’re really interested in. You might want to remove … Continue reading

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Freedom Through Constraint

Why have poets produced so many of the most memorable phrases in the world? What special gifts do they have that enable them to create such startlingly new yet useful and aesthetic sentences? Firstly (as ever) it’s practice. Great phrases … Continue reading

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Know You’re Biased

What happened last time your zone was scored on easily? Did you switch to man? And what happened last time your man-to-man defence was scored on in 20 seconds? You talked about covering the unders better, or upping the intensity, … Continue reading

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