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The Logic of Playing 4 Women

There’s a default in most high-level mixed teams to play 4 men most of the time. The data in this useful article show that quite clearly. But continuing that default behaviour under the new rules would be foolish. It is … Continue reading

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On Referees, TRGs, and WUCCs

You’re probably thinking by now that I’ve said all I can possibly say about the nuances of the various officiating systems. I do tend to go on about it a bit¹. But here we go again… Is there any meaningful … Continue reading

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Pulling, Part 4 – Rollers

(See Parts 1, 2 & 3 on these links) The roller pull is my absolute favourite throw. You don’t always have the right wind for it – a left-to-right cross-headwind is perfect (for a right handed backhand thrower) – but … Continue reading

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On Pulling for Distance

Most of us try really hard to pull as far as we can to start a point. Is that really our best option? Of course, distance is a good thing. If we can throw it deep in their endzone, then … Continue reading

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On Generating Spin

Reading r/ultimate this morning, there’s a question from someone struggling to generate spin on their short throws, and (so far) none of the replies has talked about the first thing I would say to a new player in this situation. … Continue reading

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Dangerous Bids – USAU vs WFDF Rules

Charlie Eisenhood over at Ultiworld has posted just recently about his proposed solution to dangerous play, which is basically better enforcement and stricter punishments – the traditional response seen in all other sports.

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