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The Plateau and The Brain

Kyle Weisbrod’s recent Ultiworld series on skill plateaux in ultimate is very interesting. Certainly it’s true that we all experience that feeling of stagnation pretty often as we progress through our careers. And Kyle is bang on when he suggests … Continue reading

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Are you turning too far?

A recent piece on Brady’s excellent Pulled Disc site talks about the problem of the ‘standing-up follow through’. That inability to maintain posture throughout the whole throw will, as he rightly says, contribute strongly to inconsistency. On the backhand, it’s … Continue reading

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Hard work, talent, and Ben Wiggins

It’s my strong belief that the vast majority of people are intrinsically – genetically, if you like – capable of being truly excellent Ultimate players. It is simply not the case that only a few people are born with the … Continue reading

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Agility: Skill or talent?

Anyone who’s spoken to me over the last couple of years will likely know the answer I’m going to give to this question. There aren’t many things I would consider to be innate talents. And yes, you’re right, agility isn’t … Continue reading

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Learning motor skills

I’ve been chatting a lot about this with other folk on the UKU Coaches group, and also reading some textbooks and attending lectures. How do we learn complex motor skills, and how should we practice in order to learn them … Continue reading

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