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Pulling, Part 3 – Blades

In my first recent post on pulling, I talked about distance versus hangtime; in the second (published on Ultiworld) I discussed the shape of throws that might help maximise these things. But today, something completely different. There are times when … Continue reading

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On Cocking the Wrist

  Should you cock your wrist to throw a backhand? That question, like so many others, is a lot more complicated than it might seem. If your coach is saying you must cock your wrist at the start of all … Continue reading

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On Generating Spin

Reading r/ultimate this morning, there’s a question from someone struggling to generate spin on their short throws, and (so far) none of the replies has talked about the first thing I would say to a new player in this situation. … Continue reading

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Fixing the Gender Balance in Mixed Ultimate

It’s pretty clear to anyone who has watched or played much mixed that the VAST majority of teams will play with more men than women when given the choice. How can this be rational? Surely it must be pretty much … Continue reading

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Give – and go where? (Part 2)

Last time out, we left you with this question: Dylan Freechild throws the reset almost directly backwards, and sets off at around 45° for the give go – which makes his cut backwards, away from the goal. Why not go … Continue reading

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Give – and go where?

This one is really simple – and really intuitive for most players after a while (though, inevitably, I include my usual overcomplicated analysis). But if you’re just starting out as a handler and you still have to consciously think about … Continue reading

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