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On Sideline Catches

It’s time for an apparently unpopular opinion. I guess that’s one way of getting back into this after such a long time of not posting… Claudia Tajima recently made #1 on ESPNW’s Top 10 Plays, and was rightly lauded for … Continue reading

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On Generating Spin

Reading r/ultimate this morning, there’s a question from someone struggling to generate spin on their short throws, and (so far) none of the replies has talked about the first thing I would say to a new player in this situation. … Continue reading

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On One-Handed Catches

You’re going to catch a disc that’s flying quickly past you to your right. It’s a stretch, and definitely will be one handed. Which hand are you going to use? You might imagine that it’s simply the nearest hand; that … Continue reading

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The physics of flight paths

In my ongoing experiment to see how technical I can make these posts without people getting annoyed, this is a new frontier. Not for the faint-hearted today! When you throw a long disc, with a lot of pace, you need … Continue reading

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Who’s in charge here?

Who dictates the play? Offence or defence? Obviously when you’re on offence, you’re in charge of what happens. You’re free to run anywhere on the pitch, and your defender is forced to react to where you go and to the … Continue reading

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Give – and go where? (Part 2)

Last time out, we left you with this question: Dylan Freechild throws the reset almost directly backwards, and sets off at around 45° for the give go – which makes his cut backwards, away from the goal. Why not go … Continue reading

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